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Tinubu is robbing Nigerians in diaspora – Adannia Timothy

chronicle.ng 2024/5/30
Who will tell the President? Akande enlightens Tinubu on national issues requiring urgent attention

President Bola Tinubu has been accused of robbing Nigerians in diaspora with a “manipulative exchange rate.”

In a statement on X on Tuesday, an X user, Adannia Timothy (@AdanniaT), alleged that the Tinubu-led administration’s exchange rate policy “robs Peter to pay Paul.”

Timothy alleged that the President’s policy is making “non-productively consuming Nigerians” comfortable “at the expense of diasporans.”

Timothy said, “Tinubu’s regime is robbing the Diasporans of dollars with a manipulated exchange rate.

“So, non-productively consuming Nigeria can be comfortable at the expense of Diasporans. Do they know how much it takes to make a dollar in the West?”

He added that Nigerians should “hold your leaders accountable and stop them from looting your collective wealth. Stop this mindset of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Nigerian wealth is sufficient to keep everyone comfortable, but you let greedy old people steal your future.””

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