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Spyro Emails Portable, Requests Collaboration On a New Song

Tori News 2024/5/30

The video of Portable and the potential feature with Spyro attracted attention on social media.

Nigerian singer Portable has reportedly gotten an email from singer Spyro for a collaboration.

The information was made public on Instagram.

According to the report, Spyro sent an email seeking for a collaboration.

Here are some reactions below: 

@tundemoore_xx: “Funniest thing, he might not send Portable any mail but want him to reply so wahala go sup.”

@ElhadjAfellay: “He won run tap out of portable international recognition Osunmo Grammy.”

@floraD_explorer: “Portable still dey try to remind am of his comment a while back. Jus be humble for this life o.”

@i_am_dagos: “Portable no sabi pa mi sile ma pi sita…..he will talk everything from the beginning.”

@Ralphdegrea8: “Portable is actually a top artiste not minding all this his ways sometimes….I like him.”

@hairspee: “He good as portable sef cast am now shebi na for podcast himself don talk say portable no fit sing him type of music.”

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