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Dani Alves requests release and is willing to wear an electronic tag to prevent his escape 2 hours ago

Dani Alves was arrested on January 20, 2023, and has since been in pre-trial detention without bail, accused of an alleged sexual assault committed at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on December 30.

The judge investigating the case deemed Alves a flight risk and that his assets allowed him to live anywhere in the world, which is why she ordered the ex-footballer to be remanded in custody without bail.

Alves’ defense team has requested his release from prison, citing his family and business roots in Barcelona.

The newspaper La Vanguardia reports that Alves’ defense attorneys have filed an appeal before the Barcelona Court of Appeals requesting his release from prison, citing his family, social, personal, and business roots in the city.

Journalist Mayka Navarro stated that lawyer Cristobal Martell has presented a 24-page document in which he does not evaluate evidence and focuses on guaranteeing that the former Barcelona and Sevilla player will not abscond and will remain in Spain until the trial is held.

The measures that the court could impose on Alves if he is released from jail
El Periodico reports that the Barcelona court could impose a series of measures on Alves such as bail, passport withdrawal, appearing in court on specific dates or putting a telematic bracelet on him.

J.C. Albalat and Guillem Sanchez already published that Alves is willing to wear a telematic bracelet to prevent his escape.

Alves’ contradictions were due to the “fear of revealing in public that he had been unfaithful to his wife”
Cristobal Martell, Dani Alves’ lawyer, Spoke on Antena 3 about the Alves case.

The reason for his contradictions in his statements, as the former Barcelona and Sevilla player told his new lawyer, was because the player was “afraid to reveal in public that he had been unfaithful to his wife”.

What penalties Dani Alves is exposed to in the case of being found guilty?

According to the victim’s statement, which the investigating judge considers “forceful and persistent”, the player forced her in a bathroom located in a reserved area of the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on the night of December 30 to 31.

Following the latest legislative modification, the penalties range from four to 12 years in prison when the aggression consists of carnal access through the vagina, anus, or mouth.

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