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Nigerians blast Yesufu over dollar comment, calls her ‘an enemy of Nigeria’

chronicle.ng 2024/5/30
Aisha Yesufu, a sociopolitical activist, has warned of a more damaging protest than the 2020 statewide 'End SARS' demonstration.

Aisha Yesufu, a Nigerian politician and activist, has suffered severe criticism from Nigerians over her comments on the efforts of President Bola Tinubu’s administration to grow the value of the naira.

Describing the Tinubu-led administration as “disastrous” and “illegitimate,” in a statement on X on Tuesday, the activist-turned-politician urged Nigerians to keep their “dollars closer.”

Yesufu noted that no matter the economic policy of the federal government, “one thousand dollars will buy one thousand dollars worth of things.”

Aisha’s statement reads, “Keep your dollars closer!” Your one thousand dollars will buy one thousand dollars worth of things, whether Naira decides to go either way.

“And no matter the disastrous policy Tinubu’s illegitimate government decides to embark on, you still have your one thousand dollars to use!”

Yesufu’s comment has since attracted criticism from Nigerians, with many describing her as an “enemy” of the country.

Reacting to Yesufu’s comment, King Emeka states, “The way you hate Nigeria just because you lost an election is like witchcraft.”

Ayo Seprill, in his reaction, argues that “not liking the government is not supposed to become hatred for your country. This is not a wise thing to tweet from someone who claims to be fighting for the country.”

“What you are saying is very unpatriotic,” Yakubu Jonah stated.

“Put the interests of Nigeria first before politics. I supported Obi, but if Tinubu is doing something right, I will support him. We shouldn’t be bitter and wish doom to our dear country because Obi is not the president,” he added.

For Deji Dokun, he described Yesufu as an”ignorant attention seeker.”

He also stated, “I know you are unhappy because of all the dollars you stole from the Labour Party, and you will continue to be unhappy with any of you who want Nigerians to face hardship so that Peter Obi can win. Hardship will locate you all,” he added.

“A statement like this only projects hate and anger, not just towards the government of the day, but towards the people of the country you are trying to liberate from a corrupt government.

“We can’t wish for things to go bad because the government of the day is not our choice of government,” Flora stated in her reaction.

Oluseyi, “This is a very unpatriotic statement. You should cover yourself in shame. No matter who is at the helm of affairs, Nigeria should always be defended.

“The naira is a symbol of our economic strength; why should a Nigerian not defend it? Such an embarrassing statement.

Lookman Olarewaju mentioned, “I think at this point I just lost the little respect I have for you.

“Even if Tinubu is illegitimate, as you said, Nigeria is still ours, and we need to protect it with whatever we have left as citizens. Honestly, this is not the way to be opposed.”

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