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"Me And Adeniyi Johnson Weren't Close, We Were Just Friends, And We Only Greet Each Other"-Seyi Edun

opera.com 2024/5/30

In a recent interview, Yoruba movie actress Seyi Edun discussed how she first became acquainted with her husband, the actor Adeniyi Johnson, as well as the friendship that existed between the two of them before the beginning of their romantic engagement.

She admitted that the two of them were merely friends in a video that was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Oyinmomotv during an interview. She also stated that at that time, they only used to greet each other and that there was no other relationship between them.

In her statement, she says, "I met my husband in the movie industry.

"Me and Adeniyi Johnson weren't close, we were just friends, and we only greet each other.

"As time went on, we got very close to each other, and God blessed our union, and that was how our journey was destined by God.

"He is a very funny guy, he behaves exactly the way people see him in movies, and he really cracks me up all the time."

Watch the video from (12:35 to 13:15). https://youtu.be/g0RChFR_mTE?si=-9j6WLug18jZ0jby

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